The Old City: Leviathan (PostMod Softworks)

The Old City: Leviathan is another one of those great but overlooked games, like Hob, Narcosis and Albino Lullaby. All very special in their own ways, but sadly they fell through the cracks for one reason or another. Released in 2014, The Old City was one of the earlier "walking sims". Some might find these types of games not quite as exciting as more faster paced titles with deeper gameplay, but if done right, they can absolutely be a journey worth taking. And i totally feel The Old City is one of those journeys. I loved exploring this forgotten world, and really enjoyed the philosophical narration and bits of story i pieced together along the way. The slightly eerie (and sometimes, dreamlike) atmosphere and feeling of isolation are top notch and the soundtrack is so well done, it's worth buying. The overall look of the game charmed me right from the beginning and always had a new visual delight waiting right around the corner. It still has some of my favorite looking foliage to this day.