Witchfire (The Astronauts)

Finally, the torturous long wait is over. Witchfire is now out in the wild! Since the teaser trailer dropped all those years ago, i've been counting the minutes until i could get this thing in my hands to grab some screenshots of it, and of course, play. Every time a new update of the game's progress was released, i'd read it instantly, soaking in every little detail offered. Being a huge fan of The Astronaut's previous game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, i just knew their next game was going to be even more amazing. Even though they're a small team, they somehow manage to bring AAA quality to whatever they create, and Witchfire is no exception. While challenging at first, once you get the hang of it it's massively fun, and almost dangerously addicting. The gameplay is refined, controls feel great, and oh my goodness, does it look good. Stunningly good.
Like with Ethan Carter, every single thing looks amazing. Lighting, level design, art direction, atmosphere, textures, it's just all top notch. I take my hat off to this incredibly talented team. Huge thanks to The Astronauts and Sarah from Evolve for sending over an early build so i could see what i could do with the game.