Mario Craft 64 (Nintendo - Hypatia)

This set of screenshots is once again using a texture mod ( ) from the always amazing Hypatia! She decided to try and make Mario 64 look like it was made out of patchwork, and as you can see, the result is fantastic looking. Like with her Wind Waker texture mod, she put a ton of work into giving this timeless classic a new coat of paint, and it really makes playing through the game again feel fresh and exciting. As good as it looks in pictures, it looks even better in motion. To get a free camera in a Nintendo 64 game was a bit of a dilemma. What i did was to emulate the Wii virtual console in the Dolphin emulator, and then i used Dolphin to load Hypatia's custom textures. From there i was happy to confirm that Dolphins free camera feature works even in the virtual console! The last 8 shots are using another couple of texture mods i mixed and matched. Figured i'd include them with this set as well.