Rage 2 Game Informer Cover Article Screenshots

For most of my younger/teenage years, gaming magazines were the main way i was able to learn about games, new and old. Every new page gave me something to get excited about. Egm, Nintendo Power, Game Players, Next Generation, Gamer's Republic, Game Fan, and many more, were crucial in spreading the word about upcoming titles and building hype. When i got the news i'd be helping represent Rage 2 for the cover article, i couldn't wait to jump in and start grabbing screenshots, with the goal of getting people interested in checking the title out, just like the articles of the past had done for me, time and time again. I tried to get a little piece of everything that makes this such an awesome game. A vast, and often beautiful, setting to play in. Great enemies to fight against. Numerous vehicles to race and wreck. And just the overall feeling of fun mayhem around every corner. I included a few pages from the online edition of the issue, along with all the shots that ended up being used.