BioShock: The Collection environments (2K/Irrational/2K Marin/Blind Squirrel Games)

For the release of BioShock: The Collection, I worked on a project with 2K to show different environments in the series in both good and bad condition. Some ideas tossed around at the time were to make a fake travel page or even a website detailing multiple places to visit in both Rapture and Columbia. With Columbia, it's a lot easier to find areas in nice condition compared to our favorite leaking city under the waves, but i tried my best to pick some of the more tidy places in Rapture. I would do 2 shots in decent condition, and then 2 in rough shape. Massive thanks to Melaine at 2k for letting me help with the screenshots (and for the amazing press kit!). It was truly a dream come true since it was BioShock that started me on my screenshotting journey.