Dishonored 2 (Arkane Studios)

Even though i preordered Dishonored 2, and counted down the seconds to its release, i waited almost 2 and a half years to actually play through it. Why would i hold off so long to play a game i was looking forward to so much? Because imo, it's one of those super rare games that has a quality level so extremely high, it deserves to be played in only the best of conditions. For me, that meant waiting for all the patches to come out, waiting until after i purchased a new tv, and most importantly, waiting until i had at least 5-7 days (i play slow), completely free of interruption. I wanted to be free to fully immerse myself in the game. And i'm so glad i waited, because Dishonored 2 blew my expectations out of the water. I savored every last bit of it. From the great characters and flawless art direction, to the fantastic writing and the perfectly tuned controls, it went on to become one of my all time favorite games. Incredibly big thanks to Damien over at Arkane for letting me contribute some shots (and just for being such a kind person!).