Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Konami)

Easily one of my all time favorite games, Symphony of the Night never fails to impress. The atmosphere. The music. The always enjoyable gameplay. But those things are only half the story. You can't mention SOTN without also talking about the incredible pixel art, and, of course, Alucard. With those last two things in mind, i decided to focus on a few of my favorite spots in the game, while adding Alucard (and a few other characters) back in some of those areas, just for good measure. When it came to the backgrounds, i used the Nearest Neighbor setting to resample the image to a higher resolution, while still keeping the pixel quality like the original size (unfortunately, Artstation's image compression ruins this). Then, using a few sprite sheets i found across the internet, i added/resized the characters in poses i thought would look good in conjunction with the background. Did a bit of heavier editing in the image with Death in the Cathedral (added the stained glass windows/light beams to the other side of the room), and then did some minor color adjustments in most of the images as well.