Halo (Bungie)

Bungie is one of those developers that just has that magic touch. And with that magic touch, they created Halo. From the epic vistas, to the incredible soundtrack, to the ridiculously fine-tuned and fun controls, there was something undeniably special about it. I spent countless hours not only playing it, but marveling at its beauty. I can't tell you how many times i would stall getting into a firefight with the Covenant just to gaze off at that majestic ring in the distance one more time. It was also the very first game where i really paid attention to textures, zooming into every single one with the scope on the pistol. Once i got into taking screenshots, i knew i had to take some of it, but little did i know what kind of a pain the butt that would turn out to be. Due to the age of the game and the different tools needed to get a freecam/fov/timestop/etc., it took quite a while to track all the right versions down and test to see if they'd all work together at the same time.