Prey: Mooncrash (Arkane Studios)

It's not everyday you're given the opportunity to take screenshots for games from places like Bethesda/Arkane, so when i got the chance to work with Prey: Mooncrash, it felt like the happiest Christmas morning you can think of, multiplied by a billion. Not only was Prey my Goty for 2017, i've also been really interested in the moon for as long as i can remember, so taking screenshots of something that combined those two, and had the level of quality that Arkane always brings to the table, was truly a dream come true. Just like the main game, it nails that retro-futuristic (neo deco) look and atmosphere, and the new twists to gameplay (the ability to play as different characters and changing environments/enemies) keeps things feeling fresh and exciting even after spending 40-60 hours exploring Talos 1. The last couple of images were distorted and used as teasers on the now suspiciously removed @KasmaCorp twitter account (Kasma is always up to something sneaky). Huge thanks to Matthew and Nate for letting me contribute to this amazing series.