Wind Waker (Nintendo - Hypatia)

Another incredible game from Nintendo. Wind Waker caused quite a stir due to it's unique visual style when it was first announced, but it turned out to be an absolutely charming addition to the series. Like with most of Nintendo's games, playing them on an emulator (in this case, Dolphin) at high resolutions and/or with mods really allows them to shine. For Wind Waker, i'm using Hypatia's awesome texture pack ( ). Not only is she a wonderful person, she's also crazy talented and spent countless hours updating every texture in the game. My screenshots show her mod at different stages of development, along with other graphical options at times, like ambient occlusion, bloom and fog removal. Like with Mario Galaxy, free camera movement can be limited, so nothing too special about the screenshots. Instead, i just focused on the gorgeous art style.