We Happy Few (Compulsion Games)

What started as a simpler project by a smaller, yet dedicated studio, has evolved into so much more. Compulsion (which is one of the nicest, most sincere studios i've ever had the pleasure to interact with) has put together a really talented team over the last few years which has shot the quality of We Happy Few, which was already quite high, through the roof. The great premise, fantastic (and unique!) art direction, and thoughtful level design make this game a lot of fun to play and take screenshots of. It also has some of the best atmosphere around and can be incredibly witty when it comes to the writing. I have a feeling this is going to be special one when it releases. The screenshots in this gallery range from very early versions, to the latest public release. Huge thanks to Naila for being super kind over all these years (and for that super early build of the game!).