>Observer_ (Bloober Team)

>Observer_ has some of the best atmosphere i've ever seen in a game. While it was a decent length, it's one of those titles you wish was 3 times as long. I was so immersed in its world while playing, i was no longer in my room, instead i was a gritty detective, searching for answers in a run down apartment building on a dark and rainy night. While there wasn't any kind of free camera available for this set, it was still such a joy to take screenshots of because of the great subject material. Bloober Team is an amazingly talented studio and i can't wait to see what they do next. Also, props to Aneta (www.artstation.com/hassler) just for being awesome, and for the incredible concept/environmental art you do! And of course, big thanks to her and all of Bloober Team for using some of the shots!