Outlast 2 (Red Barrels)

Outlast 2 leaves no doubt that Red Barrels are a master at their craft. Brutal, scary and dripping with tension, once you pick up that camcorder, it never lets up. I had never played a run and hide horror game before the first Outlast, but after experiencing it, i became a massive fan of them. I was extremely excited for the second and ended up enjoying it even more than the first. Screenshot wise, it was another virtual playground due to the great lighting, detailed texture work and wonderfully gross characters. Any time i could, i tried to include the character you play as (Blake Langermann) in a screenshot for added drama (i used a dev build of the game to do this). His model doesn't have a head though, so that's why the camera is always from the neck down. Super big thanks to the team at Evolve for letting me see what i could do with this one!