BioShock Unreal Engine 5 Demo ( Irrational Games/2k/Elijah Morris)

The awesomely kind and talented Elijah Morris was nice enough to send over a build of his Unreal Engine 5 BioShock Fan Demo, so i could explore a bit of Rapture once more, and of course, grab a few screenshots along the way (even giving me the ability to play as a cat!). I tried to focus the shots about half on what was shown in his video, and half on some areas not shown, plus a few little under-the-radar BioShock details he scattered throughout. He really nailed the atmosphere and feel of the original game, while at the same time, updated the visuals with the power of Unreal Engine 5. Using the engine's new Nanite and Lumen abilities, he brought the underwater metropolis up to Next-Gen standards. It's an amazing little demo, especially considering he put it all together himself.

If you get a chance, please do check out his Artstation ( ) and the Youtube video he made of the demo ( )!