A very merry Skyrim Christmas

For the longest time, i really wanted to put together a Christmas in Skyrim photoset due the great mods that were available. A few years back, i finally got around to it. I wanted Whiterun to feel really cozy, so i mixed and matched a bunch of tree mods and altered the lighting (really dark shadows/overly bright lights) to give the area a more closed in feeling (but still welcoming). After adding the snow and decoration mods, the final piece of the puzzle was using a console command to make the sky light up with that beautifully saturated aurora. A side effect of earlier ENBs was that it could sometimes cause the fog to look overly bloom-y in dark scenes. Instead of removing it, i thought it made the shots more interesting, so i decided to leave it in. As a final touch to warm things up, i saturated the colors a bit with SweetFX.