Mass Effect 2 (BioWare)

Just like with my two earlier Mass Effect galleries, i figured with the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster it would be a fitting time to go through and upload some of my old screenshots from the second game in the series. Out of the trilogy, Mass Effect 2 was my favorite. I thought the storytelling and character development were impeccable and it was in this game where i truly developed strong connections to almost all of the characters (Legion being my favorite). In addition to the Reapers, i found the Illusive Man to be a fascinating presence, always seemingly watching from the shadows. I was always excited for the next encounter with him. The art direction and soundtrack in this one were perfectly on point, following in the footsteps of the previous game, and as with the first, take the experience to an even higher level.

When it came to screenshots, most were focused on the characters, thanks in no small part to the amazing texture work done by the modding community. I used mesh swaps (same thing i did in the Arkham Knight gallery) to be able to play as other characters in place of Shepard to get some unique scenes.