Skyrim (Bethesda Game Studios)

Skyrim was definitely one of those "once in a lifetime" type experiences for me. I was blown away by the scale of the world, with its lush forests, epic mountain ranges and countless caves and ruins. The feeling of exploration and adventure Skyrim gives a player is top-tier quality, and when you combine that with the wonderful soundtrack, rich RPG elements and addictive gameplay, you get an experience that's incredibly special (and one that will soak up all your free time like a black hole). It was a beautiful game when it was released, but once the mods and ENB hit the scene, it elevated Skyrim to whole other graphical level.

I chose to use one of the earlier colorful ENBs, since i wanted to go with a more lighthearted fantasy type look, as opposed to the more realistic/dreary ENBs that were popular at the time. I also experimented with tons of mods, usually switching them out daily. There's nothing all that great about these screenshots (they were taken more to showcase mods than anything else back around 2012/13), but i wanted to included a small set on here just to have something to scroll through every now and again for nostalgia's sake.