Halo 2 Multiplayer (Bungie)

I never really got into the multiplayer aspect of games, besides Halo 2. I'm a single player experience kind of guy, through and through. But, there was something special about the multiplayer aspect of this game. I became overwhelmingly hooked on it. In fact, i've played more Halo 2 multiplayer than i have any other game in my life (and still play it to this very day!). The fantastic feeling weapons (the Battle Rifle and Sniper were my two favorites.), the almost Wild West/anything goes feeling of being in an online game in the early 2000s, and the amazing maps, kept me coming back time and time again.

And speaking of those maps, one of my goals in my early screenshotting days was to take some high quality shots of some of my favorite levels. Way back, before i knew that you could render games on the PC at much higher resolutions than consoles (or really, anything about game development), i was always amazed at how clean and sharp Bungie's official screenshots looked and desperately wanted what i played to look like that too. Once i got the game on PC though, i was finally able to make my dream a reality and could play and screenshot the game like i had always dreamed of.

Going back into these multiplayer maps not only brought back tons of nostalgia (and if you played Halo 2 multi, i hope looking at these does the same for you), but it also gives the levels a whole new eerie/desolate vibe when you're in them wandering around alone. Almost like going to Disney World (or any busy theme park), but no one's there. Usually there's so much going on, with tons of people in every corner, and now everything's quiet, still and lonely.

I also have to give a big shout-out to Lorraine McLees (and anyone else who helped her!) for spending so much time and effort on the awesome screenshots for the Halo series, especially the Halo 2 multiplayer ones. Along with BioShock, they were a huge inspiration early on for me getting into taking screenshots. The last picture in this gallery is a quote from her explaining just how much went into taking them! My directly facing down on the map shots are almost direct copies of how she/Bungie took theirs. I thought it was so cool how you could see the paths made around the level!