Dishonored (Arkane Studios)

Another one of those near perfect games. Super fun, iconic characters, amazingly well designed levels, and an almost untouchable art style. The team at Arkane is second to none. I played and screenshotted the heck out of this one. Because i loved the game so much, i really wanted to grab a few unique images. To do this, i used a very old cheat engine table (made by the awesome jim2point0, i believe) that let me move the player/Corvo by coordinates (as opposed to a normal freecam, which usually disengages from the player). This allowed me to do things like move Corvo, frozen, with mask in hand, to different parts of the map. Or to get the Lord Regent (after i possessed him) to disrespectfully throw up on Jessamine's plaque. Or best of all, move behind Daud right before he blinks over to Jessamine and murders her, and do some murdering of my own, thereby saving Jessamine and hopefully saving Dunwall and Karnaca in the process!